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Some of the practice areas and the industries that we have handled, which continue to develop and vary in tandem with the development in Indonesian and global regulations, socio-politics, economy, information systems, and technology.



As one of the oldest law firms in Indonesia we have handled a wide variety of civil and criminal cases, including corruption cases (TIPIKOR).


Our services begin from investigation up to court proceedings in criminal cases (including corruption cases) as well as the preparation of lawsuits up to court proceedings in civil cases.


We have a significant track record in a wide range of commercial and corporate matters across all stages of the business life cycle – from incorporation, assistance in the general meeting of shareholders, general trading, liquidation and insolvency.


We have assisted our clients in merger and acquisitions – from the negotiation process, conducting legal due diligence, preparing the agreement and all supporting documents as well as submitting any applications to the authorized government institutions to obtain any required approval.


As a capital market legal consultant, we assist clients that intend to engage in Initial Public Offering. Our legal services begin with legal due diligence to verify the condition of the company according to the applicable law, followed by preparing a due diligence report based on the results of said due diligence, and conveying our Legal Opinion based on the due diligence report, which will be enclosed in the Prospectus.


We also offer counsel regarding any step the company needs to take while also coordinating with any other relevant parties and Government institutions so that the Initial Public Offering process goes smoothly.


Aside from Initial Public Offering, we also assist clients in the issuance of bonds mutual funds, rights issues, as well as disputes that occur in the capital market.


For clients who wish to engage in capital investment, whether domestic or foreign investment, we assist in preparing any agreement between the parties involved, The establishment of the associated company, as well as submitting the applications for all permits needed.


Involving other parties in the running of a business rarely does not involve conflict. Many businessmen and women choose to solve these issues through alternative dispute resolution with the hope of achieving a win-win solution.


As one of the law firms most experienced in handling corporate dispute cases, we have fought for our clients’ interests through alternative dispute resolution many times. Whether it is domestic arbitration, international arbitration, mediation, conciliation or adjudication.


In cases of company conflict, investigation is often needed to determine and to find out whether fraud or mismanagement has occurred. In regards to these issues, we conduct investigations and study the standard operating procedures that are applied in said company, the execution of company management, up to comparing existing practices with the applicable laws and regulations.


The rapid development of the corporate world requires a company to be more innovative, dynamic, and adaptable. As a result, many companies enter an alliance or a joint venture with other companies.


In regards to this development, our firm assists clients from the start which means accompanying our clients in each meeting to develop the framework of the proposed cooperation, preparing the legal documents needed, assisting clients in submitting requests to the relevant government institutions to obtain any prior permits needed, up to assisting clients in submitting reports to government institutions as required.


When our clients need to restructure and reorganize, we assist in preparing the required general meeting of the shareholders, the preparation of legal documents including any supporting documents as needed, as well as the submission of reports or applications for approval to the relevant Government Institutions.


The dynamic development of Indonesian law often results in a company failing to adapt their businesses accordingly and in a timely manner. Because of this we often assist our clients in matters of legal compliance, which means regularly performing legal audits of all permits and legal documents of the associated company to ensure said company completely abides by the applicable laws and regulations.


In the case of new laws regarding the client’s field of business being issued, we immediately convey the necessary adjustments needed by the company to fulfil their obligation to the newly adopted laws.


In regards to Intellectual Property Rights, our firm has represented many clients in disputes . These disputes involve Trademarks, Copyright, as well as Patents. Our legal services begin from conveying our legal opinion on the issue along with the necessary legal steps needed, up to representation in court.


We provide legal service for the preparation of any contract needed by our client, in a clear and understandable language pursuant to the applicable laws. The legal services provided begins at the early stages, such as explaining the legal concepts of the contract to the client, up to the signing of the prepared contract.


Our team has extensive experience in representing clients in bankruptcy proceedings either as the applicant or as the respondent. The legal services we provide cover the proceedings in the Commercial Court, up to the decision made by the Panel of Judges


We have a wide range of experience in handling local Industrial Relation matters. Preparing company regulations for the client is the earliest stage of the legal services we provide in relation to Industrial Relations. Should there be any dispute between the company and their employees, we assist in negotiation up to settlement through bipartit (two parties), tripartit (three parties), arbitration or Industrial Relation Court. parties), arbitration or Industrial Relation Court.


We represent private companies and state-owned companies, as well as individual property owners in many disputes regarding Construction Law. In handling disputes, we assist our client in negotiations as well as court or arbitration proceedings.


We advise our clients on their responsibilities and damage limitations in regards to Environmental Law while they conduct their business. Regular updates on any related new regulations are also provided as part of our legal services. Should any cases arise, we will also represent our client in court proceedings.

Our firm also provides guidance to and represents individual clients in need of legal services. The legal services that we offer to individuals include such matters as divorce, childcare, adoption, as well as inheritance, which are all processed from the beginning to the conclusion of the issue.



Our legal services in oil and gas covers all stages, from pre-exploration through exploration, appraisal, development and operation. We assist our clients with legal documents as well as represent them should any disputes arise.


We have experience in dealing with all aspects of mining and natural resources businesses and operations, for the interests of the government, international and local investors as well as creditors. Our office keeps up to date with new mining regulations that have radically changed the investment climate. We handle all corporate, environmental, mining rights, contract negotiation and dispute resolution matters for our mining and other natural resources clients.


Our firm assists clients who operate in technology, media, and telecommunication. Not only do we prepare any agreements needed in corporate matters but we also represent clients in any disputes related to their business. We also assist our clients in filing any applications for permits needed.


In the banking and finance industry, we assist clients in transactions such as loan transaction, debt equity swap transaction, financial service transaction, hedge fund transaction, derivative transaction, fintech transaction and many others. Our legal services are provided from the early stages such as negotiation, structuring, preparing the legal documents up to filing the application for any required permit.


We also handle many disputes in this industry, either in court or arbitration.


We assist clients in dealing with insurance claims, whether through peaceful dealings or through disputes in court or arbitration. Beyond that, we also assist clients in understanding the relevant laws and regulations.


We advise developers, debtors and creditors on all types of real estate transactions. We assist in acquisitions for hotel development, industrial use and infrastructure projects, which often involve extensive dealings with representatives of various levels of local Government land office officials and local communities.


Additionally, we represent clients in any disputes such as disputes that arise from the transaction or from the deed of the land itself.


In the health care industry, our firm represents clients in complying with the applicable laws and regulations by keeping them updated with any newly issued laws. We also assist our clients in financial transactions that are related to their healthcare facilities. In addition, we also represent our clients in malpractice cases and insurance reimbursement issues. We assist our clients in negotiations and the preparation of agreements in the pharmaceutical industry.


Additionally, we also represent our clients in any fraud associated with pharmaceutical and medical devices.


We have extensive experience in the field of aviation. We have assisted clients in preparing aircraft leasing and also sale and purchase agreements, aircraft maintenance agreements, including disputes that involve the confiscation of aircraft.


For clients in the shipping industry, we assist in preparing ship leasing, sale, and purchase agreements, shipyard rental agreements, as well as filing the applications needed for any permits client need to conduct their business.


As practitioners of construction law, we provide legal assistance related to building and construction projects. In assisting our clients, we prepare the needed contracts while also representing the clients in any disputes that arise with regards to defects, delays, and payment issues.


Our firm assists our clients in all aspects of infrastructure, from early stages such as negotiation in relation to planning, preparing any needed agreements, as well as financing and procurement matters.


The legal services we provide in this area cover legal compliance, negotiation, legal drafting to represent the clients in any legal issues before the authorities or court. As the regulations may change in time, we also update the clients with newly issued regulations along with their impact on our clients’ business activities.


In assisting our clients in the agriculture industry, we deal with water, environmental, land use, pesticide use, and seed issues. Trade relating to agriculture involves many technical details, so we prepare all the documents needed, including applying for the required permits. We also represent the client in disputes that arise during transactions.


Our clients in retail range from small retail businesses, multi-national retail chains, up to e-commerce businesses. The legal services we provide cover a breadth of issues within the the retail industry, such as marketing, cross-border transaction, commercial litigation, intellectual property, e-commerce, insurance, and technology.


Tourism and hospitality cover a broad range of areas of interest such as accommodation, restaurants, tourist attractions, airlines, and other transportation. Our firm assists clients in the many types of transactions they might be involved in, such as transactions between travel agents and tour operators, transactions between restaurants and their suppliers, transactions between hotels and banks in relation to credit card payment, and many more. We also handle certain cases that relate to the criminal and civil liability of people working in the tourism and hospitality industry.