Founding Partner of ABNP and also pioneer of Legal Aid and Law Reform of Indonesia. S. H., University of Indonesia, Jakarta. International Law, University of Melbourne, Australia. DR., Rijksuniversiteit Utrecht, the Netherlands. Professor of law Melbourne Law School, The University of Melbourne, Australia.

He was a Public Prosecutor at Special District Court of Jakarta in 1957 until 1961. Further, from 1962 up to 1968 he was the Head of Public Relations and Politics at Attorney Generals office. Simultaneously, he seated in Indonesian Parliament during the period of 1966 until 1968.

In 1969 he was admitted to the Bar as Advocate and found Law Firm Adnan Buyung Nasution and Associates that was became the root of this firm. One year later in 1970 he established LBH, the first Legal Aid and Human Rights Organization in Indonesia. He held a position of Vice Chairman of the Indonesian Election Commision (KPU) in 1999, conducted the first general election after reformation era. He was also become a Member of Presidential Advisory Council (Dewan Pertimbangan Presiden - Wantimpres) of the Republic of Indonesia in 2007 - 2009.


Indonesian, English and Dutch


  • Commission Member of International Commission of Jurist (ICJ), Geneve, Switzerland
  • Honorary Chairman of Indonesian Bar Association (IKADIN)
  • Member of Regional Council of Human Right Asia, Manila
  • Member of International Advisory Council of SIM, Utrecht, the Netherlands
  • Member of The Board of Trustees, The Indonesian Legal Aid Foundation (YLBHI)
  • Senior Associate of the Center for Indonesian Law, Islam and Society, Melbourne Law School, The University of Melbourne, Australia.
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