Umar Djabumona Is Not Guilty

Wednesday , 05 March 2014

Ambon Corruption Court decided that Umar Djabumona is not guilty because he had not proven in corruption as the indictment of public prosecutor at the hearing on December 10, 2013. Thus, Umar was not proven breaking article 2, paragraph (1) in conjunction with article 18 of Law no. 31, 1999, is amended by Act No.20 of 2001 in conjunction with Article 55 paragraph 91 of the Criminal Code-1. The judges also decided that the name of Umar should be cleared and the cost of the trial court shall be borne by the state.

One of Umar's attorney team from Adnan Buyung Nasution & Partners Law Firm, M. Hasibuan Sadly, SH expressed his appreciation to the judges for uphold the law based on the facts and testimony of witnesses. He also explained that Umar did not increase his wealth, and his policies to succeed a variety of religious or other social events is needed at that time, in order to maintain the harmony of inter-religious in the Aru Islands.

On December 10, 2013, Umar Djabumona prosecuted by the Public Prosecutor in Ambon Corruption Court, regarding corruption issue of the Annual Aru Islands Budget year 2011 in amount of more than Rp. 4 billion. In his authority, Umar Djabumona verbally instructed the Treasury of Region Secretarial to lend money in amount of Rp. 2.98 billion taken from the Annual Aru Islands Budget year 2011to the 24th Maluku MTQ Committee year 2011. Such action is considered as an unlawful act.

Presiding Judge, Hengky Hendradjaja, SH, M. Hum in hearing at the Ambon Corruption Court, stating that being polite and cooperative during the hearing, has not been convicted, does not accept the result of corruption and has a wife and two kids, are the reason to ease the defendant.

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