Meaning of The "Owl" as a symbol of ABNP Law Firm

Monday , 28 November 2011

The story behind an "OWL" art-work made of copper bought by Abang Buyung 21 years ago in an art shop in Brussels that has been a symbol of ABNP Law Firm.

“Beside from the art point of view, I don’t know why I was interested on it, I just felt there was spirit arose caused by that art-work”, said Abang Buyung. Only following his intuitive, as Abang found that the “Owl” art-work was beautiful and suits his soul and spirit, he bought and brought it home. When he was planned to re-open his law firm which previously closed as resulted by the regime of Suharto, he choose the “Owl” art-work to be the symbol of the office without knowing what an owl really means as a symbol.

The “Owl” art-work also has been used as a symbol on letterhead, business card and other office stationery. Now, the “Owl” art-work has refurbished in such away and attached on the wall as a centerpiece of the office. At the launching of the office, Abang Buyung explained why he has chosen the owl as a symbol of the office, and the following was his explanation: “Mostly Dictionaries nor Encyclopedias say the owl as a symbol of wisdom; no more than that. But after searching and browsing in websites, I found complete information about it and turned out the compatibility between the symbolic meanings of the owl with the profession of a lawyer. Why? As the owl could see the truth behind the lies and they also used as a secret messenger; a lawyer should has capability to be a safeguard for their clients’ secrets, and also has sharp vision and hearing to distinguish lies or truth, bad or good things.

The owl is a wise and clever animal; a good lawyer not only well educated but also has wisdom to use their knowledge properly. So, based on the above reasons I believe that the owl is appropriate symbol for a law firm, because the figure qualities of the owl should be owned by a lawyer. For me, wisdom and intelligence also should be a reference for ABNP law firm. In my understanding, a lawyer contends and works not merely to provide a service in terms of earning some money, but they also should have spirit based on wisdom and intelligence, and take it as a noble duty to obtain justice and truth. In terms of defending some cases, they should not see only from positive formal legalistic law point of view but the law science as comprehensive and thoughtful based on wisdom and intelligence to look and search for right and truth. And this is our distinctive features which should be keep and maintain as a lawyer of ABNP law firm".

Before closing his speech, Abang Buyung emphasized that all meaning of the owl symbol should be a reference in scope of work for all members of ABNP law firm at present, in the future as well as the past. Why the past? Because he has been kept the same soul and spirit since he established ABNP law firm in 1969, and has been running on it as well as possible with all his limitation and weaknesses as a human being even when the country has its ups and down. And he also hopes that his law firm can running well forever and gives contribution to the society.

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