Adnan Buyung Nasution & Partners Law Firm Achieved Certificate of ISO 9001:2008

Thursday , 25 August 2011

It is significant for a company to gain quality of assurance that indicates that the company has met the standard of good quality. One of quality standardization that has been recognized in business society is ISO 9000 (International Organization for Standardization). And ISO 9001:2008 is one of the series from ISO 9000 that becomes distinguished  quality guidelines for companies.

In order to guarantee the mutual quality, therefore standardization needs to be made. And that was  the background of Adnan Buyung Nasution & Partners Law Firm when deciding to start to implement ISO 9001:2008 since 15th July 2010. By obtaining ISO 9001:2008 a company will get certain benefits such as improving customer satisfaction and trust through the organized and systematic quality assurance. So does Adnan Buyung Nasution & Partners law firm, who becomes more motivated to increase the quality of service to their clients.

It is harder to maintain something that we already had, than to achieve it. Therefore, it is the commitment of not only the Management but all Partners, Lawyers and Staffs of Adnan Buyung Nasution & Partners Law Firm to maintain the ISO 9001:2008. That explains of Why until today Adnan Buyung Nasution & Partners Law Firm still maintained the quality of assurance of ISO 9001:2008 and continues to provide its excellent service as well.

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