ABNP's 2nd Talk Show

Tuesday , 09 August 2011

The ABNP Talk Show was once again rolled out, depicting an imperative topic for this country, “Professional Integrity and Corporate Culture” that featured a well-known human resource expert, Ms. Eileen Rachman.

In the event that was held last July 19, 2011, at Nikko Hotel, Jakarta, ABNP also launched its new website.  The new website is designed with a unique concept, portraying Partners and Lawyers with household cleaning tools that were used to get rid of unethical law practices in this country, to symbolize the strong integrity of ABNP personnel.

It was also one of the reasons why the Talk Show topic on that day was about Integrity and Corporate Culture. Firstly it relates to ABNP corporate culture and philosophy. Secondly, integrity has become a major issue in this country particularly since corruption has informally become a common practice regardless you are in government or private institutions.

Ms. Eileen, who is also the Director of Experd, a human resource development firm, brought up an interesting point, “Integrity is dynamic and growing, not monolithic and static“. In her explanation, she underlined that our integrity has always been tested, which often evoke the dilemma in our heart. Therefore, Ms. Eileen continued, “Integrity is a journey and not a destination“

The discussion session went well where certain attendees raised a few questions. At the end of the talk show, Ms. Eileen reminded the audience to always uphold integrity, simply because “Good ethics mean good business”.

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