Since its founding in 1969 Adnan Buyung Nasution & Partners (ABNP) has positioned itself to emerge as one of the respected law firm in Indonesia. In facing the road ahead, ABNP has undergone such transformations to response with latest legal affairs development. Along with today's era of globalization, we continue to improve customer satisfaction toward fulfilling client's expectations as well as to build framework through the implementation of ISO 9001:2008 for quality management system.

For us, the transformation brings new experience to enrich our knowledge and perspective. Today, we are proud of our achievement that ABNP is widely recognized for its broad depth of legal expertise, especially from the partners and lawyers. A continuous regeneration and rejuvenation of the nation's young lawyers have always been my self-ambition to build a healthy legal tradition in Indonesia through promoting ABNP's values. By having keen minds, strong determination, and high curiosity, I believe ABNP will consistently uphold the law, seek truth, and preserve justice through its commitment of integrity and morality.

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