Our team has gained strong knowledge in law from premier law schools in Indonesia. At ABNP, we require lawyers to be motivated by the firm’s vision and mission, which is to uphold the law and preserve justice within the Indonesian legal system. ABNP also encourages its lawyers to have a decent balance between exceptional intelligence and vigilant instinct, a successful combination of talent and courage, underscored by an uncompromising commitment to the pursuit of justice. Our stringent recruitment policy has been proven successful mainly considering many of lawyers who left  the firm started their own practices and became first-class stratum in the legal profession. Achieving and strengthening diverse yet cohesive team is an integral attribute of ABNP, where professionalism and quality of services have greater interest than quantity of clients or billable hours. In spite of our outstanding progress to become a prestigious law firm in Indonesia, we have succesfully maintained a personal approach to clients while avoiding bureaucratic problems, which bring ultimate impact to our standart of services.

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